Linux Job Interview Questions

  1. How can you see which kernel version a system is currently running?
uname -a  // Show hostname, current version, current release

uname -v  //Show current version

uname -r  // Show current release

2.How can you check a system’s current IP address?

ip addr show
ip addr show eth0

3. How do you check for free disk space?

df -ah

4. How dow you manage services on a system?

service <service name> status
systemctl status <service name>

5. How would you check the size of a directory’s contents on disk?

du -sh <directory name>

6. How would you check for open ports on a Linux machine?

sudo netstat  -tulpn

7. How do you check CPU usage for a process?

ps aux |grep <process name> 

8. Dealing with Mounts

ls /mnt
mount <device/network drive> <mount point>

9. How do you look up something you don’t know?

man <command>
<command> --h